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I was such an odd duck as a child.  During my tween and teenage years, I abhorred the crop top trend and ended up shopping at more “grown up” stores like Express and Talbots.  Express had the cutest broom stick skirts and I was in love with their jeans.  I didn’t shop in the juniors department until I discovered Nordstrom’s B.P. line.  By then, crop tops were thankfully out of fashion and sight.

Cleaning out my closet is always hard because it’s so full of the person I used to be and makes me wonder about the person I am now.  As hard as it is, I finally let go of most of my Talbots pieces and anything resembling my previous life as a working woman.  Goodbye silk blouses, hello LuLaRoe dresses.  These days if I want to be edgy, I put on my Docs and go stomp stomp with the boys.  The bellydance gear I bought as both performance wear and street wear still fill two giant boxes.  Someday I’ll find my way back to that world.  Now that I think of it, I can actually wear my lace trimmed high-low hem skirts with my black LuLaRoe leggings and be both warm and fashionable.

It wouldn’t have suited me to be goth in high school… the goth kids were uber goth with their dyed black hair, black eyeliner, and fingerless gloves.  At best, I was preppy and I hated the term.  Even now I hate being shoved into a box with a label on it.  But no one could ever label me as something.  I was a good chameleon, blending in but still exerting my personality at every chance I got.  I made the necklace I wore to the only dance I ever went to, I was on top of the Y-necklace trend, and my style was pretty decent for a teenager.

I’m truly enjoying these Mom years… crossbody purses, Docs, LuLaRoe, maxi skirts (a maxi skirt and nursing tank was my staple for a year postpartum), a plentiful array of dresses, and graphic t-shirts make me enjoy my unconventional style.  I’m better suited as gothic than goth, due to my love of frilly lace details rather than black black and more black.  I guess this odd duck grew up into a beautiful swan after all.