Today is International Women’s Day.  Today is the day to recognize and pledge our daily support of women everywhere.   Our mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, teachers, CEO’s, small business owners, bartenders, etc.  All the women who have raised us, inspired us to do better and reach our fullest potential.

We were all born of a woman.  This is not a day where we leave the men behind.  Today is a day we shall teach our sons, nephews, brothers, husbands, and fathers to honor and respect all women, every single day.  Together and united, we shall persist and rise above.  In honor of sisterhood, I am offering Free Shipping in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) until tomorrow (Thursday) at 10PM PST.

To quote Yogi Bhajan:  “But one thing shall never betray a woman: her own light and her own radiance as a woman. If the light within you can guide you, you will definitely excel. The time has come when this exploitation must stop. The time has come when a daughter should be treated as a daughter, a mother should be treated as a mother, a wife should be treated as a wife, and over and above all, woman should be treated as a woman.”

Celebrate the woman you are.  Begin shopping here.