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The Los Angeles area alone has received 14.33 inches of rain.  Pretty crazy considering we haven’t had double digits of rain since the 2010-2011 season.  You can see the data here.  Jesse has been excited because all this rain translates to desert wanderlust.  Anza Borrego has been ripe with blooming flowers.  I’m not one for hiking, being a City girl and all, but when opportunities arise, it’s hard to pass up.  It’s also good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while to get the juices flowing.

The boys are avid hikers.  Jesse makes sure there’s something fun for them to do, either finding a little stream for them to throw rocks in or being sure they take a handheld toy that can push around dirt.  They only go 2 miles in 4 hours, but Jesse is so busy taking pictures of bugs and flowers, that it’s good for everyone involved.  There’s nothing quite like fresh air and the quiet sounds of nature.  With all the hustle and bustle of the City, it’s almost terrifying to be able to hear one’s thoughts for extended amounts of time.  With the daily chaos of toddlerhood, sometimes it’s difficult to sit down and listen to all those thoughts running through your head.  While I long for the quiet that comes with school, I’m savoring every moment these boys are at home with me.

We spend our lives worrying about everything under the sun that sometimes we forget how to live.  Barre and yoga will always be waiting for me to show up, but these wildflowers and cute little boys won’t always be there.  So maybe it’s time for this City girl to lace up those trainers and hit the trails with those boys and satisfy that desert wanderlust while the weather is still cool enough to enjoy and before the desert flowers succumb to the warmer months ahead.