LuLaRoe is actually doing a great job empowering women.  Yeah, yeah, they’ve had some negative feedback and sometimes their outfits look like a bad Spandex dream from the 80’s, but let’s look at the flip side.  One of my best friends was raised with the mentality that clothing should hide the lumps and bumps and jiggly bits, but that also translated into her buying oversized men’s shirts and oversized jeans in order to cover up those said lumps and bumps.  She eventually drank the LuLa Kool-Aid and she fell in love with both the clothes and my local consultants’ live feed during the week.  During a recent visit, we raided their boutique and spent 4 solid hours trying on clothes and trading tips and tricks on how to properly style the clothes.  We had a blast and even pushed my friend out of her comfort zone to the point that she’s so much happier for it.

This wasn’t the first occurrence when I’ve seen women realize their inner awesomeness with these clothes.  Being a witness to the transformation is the most beautiful sight.  I know, I know, they’re just clothes.  But our society gives women so much crap about maintaining an unobtainable level of beauty, it’s no wonder a lot of us feel like miserable cows waiting to be herded around by the next fashion trend.  When I feel like a lumpy, miserable, pregnant cow, I pull out a piece of LuLaRoe and I don’t feel quite so bad.  The only way I’ve been surviving this summer pregnancy has been wearing this Free People bralette and then hiking up my maxi skirt over my bust.  Living in California certainly allows me to pull this look off well, so much that my friends do a double take and then ask if it’s a maxi skirt.

Another nice thing about LuLaRoe is how pregnancy friendly their styles are.  I haven’t needed to buy any specialized maternity clothes and I know everything will fit postpartum as well.  I can’t wait for cooler temperatures so I can wear my leggings again and stomp around in my Docs.  Motherhood has never looked so chic.  There’s definitely comfort in knowing just how forgiving these clothes are.  LuLaRoe really isn’t for everyone, whether you’re a shopper or a consultant.  Their conservative Mormon roots can be irking with the “modest” clothing angle, but whatever.  It’s empowering women and that’s what matters.