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2017 was probably one of the most challenging years I’ve had in a long time.  With that said, I ended such a long and trying year with family, friends, and my favorite band.  For 2018, I wish you the keys to unlocking the door to all of your hopes and dreams.  It’s not an easy road, but it’s one worth fighting for.

May your pantry always be full
May your love always be unconditional and forever
May your home be warm and cozy
May your dreams be the fire in your belly that makes you get out of bed every morning
May your life always be interesting

VNV Nation’s Gratitude is my new favorite song from their 2011 album Automatic.  Ronan Harris told the people in the audience who had come with a friend and unfamiliar with his music to listen closely to the lyrics.  There are particular songs in his repertoire that tug on the heart strings as well as the darker sides of ourselves we’re afraid to face.  Gratitude resonated with the struggle 2017 was, despite it being my best year in sales and the birth of Hui.3.  Hopefully 2018 will be a smoother ride.

“Thank you for all the doubts, and for all the questioning,
for all the loneliness and for all the suffering.
For all the emptiness, and the scars it left inside.
it inspired in me, an impetus to fight.”

Read the lyrics here