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I’m a blogger.  But I’m already so many things… artist, engineer, mama, wife.  Am I a blogger or a wannabe?  My writing spark got snuffed out last year once my consignment shops started dropping like flies and then my website broke for no apparent reason.  Since then I’ve been floating.  Still doing the artist thing, creating stuff and business stuff, but somewhat detached from it all as though it’s going to hurt me again and somewhere my subconscious is thinking I’d rather detach myself and not get burned so badly again.  I know better of course, this is a very competitive business to get into and not for the faint of heart.

For me, this business has always been more than a business.  This is that thing I know I’m supposed to make a career out of.  This blog chronicles my struggles as a young artist, riding the creative ups and downs while trudging through the throes of life before and after getting married and having children.  I’ve never been afraid to write and show people my daily joys and struggles of being an artist with two kids under the age of 5.  Motherhood is a long and lonely road now that our proverbial village has become separated by cul-de-sacs, distance, and traffic jams.  The journey of an artist is even more so because of all those Portlandia artists who are clogging up the market.  But, as history has proven, time and time again, those of us who are more than just overnight Etsy artists will patiently wait out this era of ignorance and entitlement.  

I can’t write about stones and jewelry design all day.  I don’t think that’s interesting enough to keep my customers interested in actually reading my blog.  I write about my struggles with motherhood and how that influences my art because fundamentally, I am a woman who isn’t afraid to talk about my problems.  While I’ll never grow as big as The Mom Edit, I do appreciate their efforts to find and write about Mom-friendly clothing for things like nursing and hiding that inevitable Mom flub.  That’s the authenticity I strive for when I write.  So in that respect, I’m a blogger who can’t be pigeonholed into a single topic.