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I’m one tired mama. I am in the the last moments of pregnancy in the sweltering August heat… again. Babies always have their own agenda. Apparently mine love being summer babies. Why couldn’t I have a winter baby to snuggle with under the twinkling Christmas lights, sipping hot chocolate, maybe look forward to those lazy summer days filled with baby’s first trip to the beach, mai tais, and finally getting this exhausted, postpartum body back into somewhat decent shape?

Alas, Hui.3 has other ideas. While I have more time to get somewhat beach body ready by next summer with all the barre classes I’m longing to get back to, I have to deal with whatever they call the three’s and get Hui.1 to school on time. Age Two isn’t as terrible as you’d think. They don’t have terribly strong opinions and you can still scoop them up and feed them meals without a big fuss. But now at Age Three, they assert their independence and must do and choose everything themselves. Their tantrums are epic meltdowns of doom because they don’t want to enter Door #2 and they want to choose their own snack from the display case. I pick my battles but there are some days I wonder why I bother leaving the house at all.

There have been a lot of articles and blog posts circling the web about the daily struggles of parenting and how we lock ourselves in the bathroom to get a moment of peace and/or have a good cry. Some moms stay up late to savor the silence we never get enough of. It’s not that we don’t love our kids, but we’re human with our own needs and usually those needs translate into craving peace and quiet or having another adult around to have a conversation with.

These days, we don’t have a village to help us raise our children. We do the best we can, even if it means a few nights of boxed macaroni and cheese or frozen chicken fingers. We need to cut ourselves some slack and accept that there are days we’re not the Super Mom society pressures us to be. I’ll never be a Pinterest Mom. But who cares as long as our children are healthy and thriving? We deserve that glass of wine at the end of a long day, or in my case, that coveted moment of eating an entire ice cream bar all by myself.