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Ever since I discovered the rabbit hole that is LuLaRoe, I’ve been hearing about Tieks.  Yes, those Tiffany-blue soled ballet flats almost every LuLaRoe consultant is wearing if you search #tieks on Instagram.  The high price tag leaves me wary because I’m a die-hard Crocs lover.  My kids wear the clogs while I wear the flip flops.  They’re perfect for Southern California’s mild weather until mid-fall and that’s when I wear nothing but my Dr. Martens until spring.  But, these Italian leather flats have left me curious.  I love how their product pages are perfectly linked to their social media pages’ photos of happy customers.  It’s beautifully laid out and they have a rainbow of colors to choose from.  I’ve been coveting this rose gold pair… hello birthday present?  As much as every woman needs a pair of nice, black flats, I’d much rather have these first.  Remember, I’m a romantic goth… give me cottage roses and lace and beautiful frilly details on top of my staple blacks and burgundys.  But, ugh, that price tags still makes me cringe.

While I’m at it, I’ve had this crossbody Louis Vuitton on the brain.  It’s not even a dream, but more like a pre-cursor to a dream.  I’ve been highly spoiled by the practicality chic of Harveys Seatbeltbags so all other purses just don’t cut it anymore.  Oh, my purse has weird spots on it or the lining has crayon marks all over it?  Toss it in the wash with the towels.  Comes out looking just like new.  The white is white again with no weird stains.  Yeah, you really can’t do that with a Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, or Coach bag.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my leather bags, but let’s face it, I have kids.  They want to take home all those restaurant crayons and I have to store them somewhere.  Somewhere usually means the bottom of my purse because I haven’t reached the point of remembering to bring a spare Ziploc baggie to stash said crayons.  Maybe this will be my empty nest gift… but even by then, I won’t really need a crossbody bag.  So maybe it’ll just stay a dream…

I think that’s why I find it so difficult to wear the duster vests from LuLaRoe.  My practicality chic overpowers the fashionista and I take it off halfway through my day because even the slightest bit of lace becomes too much for me to wear and off it goes.  Eh, I’m still experimenting with those so who knows.  Maybe I can be convinced of how perfect they go with those rose gold Tieks and that Louis Vuitton crossbody bag.  Probably not, but it’s nice to dream.