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What is the bigger picture these days?  There’s been so much tragedy going on in the world and all around us, it’s almost suffocating.  After all this, how does anyone make it out of bed in the morning?  I’ve been asking myself that these past few weeks despite waking to a crying baby who just wants her mama and maybe a clean diaper.  It isn’t easy being an empath and taking in all of the emotions around me.  Las Vegas, natural disasters, miscarriages, illness, death, Jesse.1 moving in with us 2 weeks after Hui.3 arrived, it’s a lot to take in all at once.

I may have been watching too much “Once Upon A Time“, but I choose to have hope.  Hope for world peace, hope for rainbow babies, hope I will find my new normal with 4 kids sooner rather than later, and hope mankind will join together and help one another through the worst of storms.  That’s how I get out of bed every morning and every time I hear that baby cry.  I hug my babies closer and a little longer because soon they won’t be this small and still hugging their mama.  Eventually they’ll be rolling their eyes at me and itching to go out with their friends.  Hui.2 already tells me “don’t kiss me!”, but he does randomly come up to me and say, “I love you, Mommy” so I suppose that makes up for him being stingy with hugs and kisses.

So I think the bigger picture is for us to live in the moment and not get bogged down by all the overwhelming details.  We do have to process through all the horrible things happening in the world, but we also need to find the silver lining.  As they say, maybe we really do need to “stop and smell the roses”.  Or that new baby, because that new baby smell never lasts as long as it should.