I know I said it would take a lot of effort to get me out of my Crocs, but the practical girl in me desperately needs some basic nice shoes.  Enter Tieks.  I bought the rose gold glam because I’m a sucker for all things rose gold.  I also bought a black pair as well so I’m good for the long haul when it comes to event appropriate shoes that are not Dr. Martens or Crocs.

The first thing that struck me was how well packaged they are.  It certainly embodies the whole “I paid for this awesome experience” notion that product marketers are throwing out there these days.  Even the shipping box is thoroughly branded.  The familiar shade of this particular blue evokes an emotion any fashionista understands when one sees a little blue box.  There’s a handwritten thank you card that adds a lovely personal touch as well.  The shoes are tucked into each other and wrapped in tissue paper to help pry them out of the box.  There’s a tiny little bag for the Tieks themselves when you need to toss them into your purse and run out the door.  Personally, I do not like touching the bottom of my shoes so I will not be folding them up and trying to fit them into this tiny little bag.  There’s also a larger bag to toss your other shoes into when you change into your Tieks.  I like the compact size of the larger bag and will most likely toss it into my purse when I need a small shopping bag on the go.

The metallic leather is significantly stiffer than the normal leather.  That aside, the fit is comfortable and doesn’t pinch too much (I’m a perfect 8.5 but I ordered up a size because my feet are slightly wide and I’m 7-8 months pregnant).  It’s a little weird that my toes show through the leather a bit, but that’s not enough for me to give them a strike.  I’m all about comfort over style as you can see from my flip flop tan.

My first experience was really, really bad.  My bestie and I went to an Everclear concert in Downtown LA and I thought it would be a good opportunity to break in the rose gold pair.  The first half of the night was fine, my feet were tired after walking around and looking for dinner at Birdes.  The donuts are way too hipster, but the sandwiches were awesome for a great price.  But as soon as we got to the venue, it was standing room only and my feet were ready to give out despite having another 3 hours to go.  The area where the shoe came in contact with the bone under my big toe was severely sore after so much walking.  Standing was the worst though, with very little support.  I felt it would have been better to go barefoot.  I was longing for my Crocs who were unfortunately stashed away at home.  It took the next few days and all weekend for my feet to properly recover.  I really don’t understand how people can wear these shoes to Disney but maybe they broke them in first.  I’m not willing to give up on them just yet, but I’m not impressed either.

My second experience was much better, but I probably wore them for too long again.  I had my 35th birthday celebration at Chado Tea Room in Pasadena.  It was lovely and my feet withstood all the walking to the bathroom one does when one is nearly 8 months pregnant.  But by the 7th hour, walking a bit around Pasadena, skipping off to the Porto’s Bakery in Burbank for a cake, and then peddling around mall stores while waiting for a table at the Din Tai Fung flagship store in Arcadia, my feet were done.  I felt the leather pinching the knuckle of my left foot so I was slipping them off under the table at dinner to get some relief.  I was actually surprised to find them more supportive than the first time I wore them.  That’s a big plus considering my love of Crocs and their extra cushy “dual Crocs comfort” support.  I’m also happy to report that my feet didn’t sweat nearly as much as normal shoes would have, which is also a huge plus.  I’m not wearing them on my big urban adventures anytime soon, but I do feel some hope for a more pleasant experience.

As for the black pair, I’ll start by wearing them on several short trips to the store…