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The METRO Gold Line is my new favorite way to get around Los Angeles County.  I love that it stops in Pasadena, immediately north of Chado Tea Room, my new favorite tea shop for scones and loose leaf tea.  It then proceeds towards Downtown LA with a stop in both Chinatown and Little Tokyo.  I’ve never been a fan of public transit until now because the system is actually starting to work.  A bit after the Gold Line opened its Foothill Extension in spring 2016, my friend and I decided to take a ride on the train because the boys love trains.  Of course, we ended up stopping in Little Tokyo for some pie at Pie Hole in the Arts District because who can say no to pie?  Sometimes we’ll just ride the train from the Arcadia station over to the Azusa station, then hop back to the Arcadia station so the boys can have a train ride.

Jesse and I pack up the boys and head up the 605 to the Duarte station, as it’s the closest station for us to get to.  So far we’ve tried two dim sum places in Chinatown.  Following Yelp’s recommendation, we trekked through the tourist area until we came upon the dim sum place my family used to go to before they changed owners 30 years ago.  That was a nice bit of nostalgia.  I’ve taken Jesse and the boys to Empress Pavilion before they exclusively became a banquet hall.  The dim sum place closer to the Gold Line station, Golden Dragon, wasn’t bad, but we got there too late to have a full experience.  They were out of pineapple buns, but at least Hui.1 enjoyed the coconut buns.

For Jesse.1’s spring break, we took her down to USC to show her a bit of college life, then stopped at Grand Central Market for dinner.  Riding a bike is an important life skill of a college student; there were bikes everywhere.  Cal Poly Pomona is entirely walkable, so I never needed to bother with a bike.  It was good to get around and immerse ourselves a bit.  We’d never been to USC so it was a good experience.  Maybe over the summer we’ll bum around UCLA and UCI.


From Grand Central Market, we trekked over to Little Tokyo and the Gold Line station since that was easier than hopping on the Red Line back to the Gold Line.  On the walk over, we got to see the construction of the new Gold Line station that will drop us closer to Grand Central Market, as well as the huge regional connector.  My engineering heart loves all things construction so it was exciting to see them working, and of course, the boys were thrilled with all the construction vehicles and the giant tunnel digging machine.  If that’s not a true feat of engineering, it’s hard to say what is.  I dearly hope the METRO makes it down to Whittier.  It may take another decade or two in order to pass all the environmental requirements, local politics, and secure funding for design and construction, but it would be fantastic to have a station closer to home.